Why Corfu Should Be On Your List

Santorini, Mykonos and Crete are nothing short of breath-taking. But, why doesn’t Corfu get any love? Also known as Kerkyra, Corfu is one of the largest of the Ionian islands with a fluctuating population of around 120,000.

Corfu boasts a beautiful mountainous coast, crystal clear waters for snorkeling and gorgeous views from beachside accommodations.


The west side of Corfu at sunset 

Although all of the Greek islands offer some variation of this, only on Corfu can you ATV to the highest island mountain peak, sun bathe on the beach in the afternoon and go on a sunset cruise in the evening… for a modest price.


We rode ATVs to the top of the second tallest peak on the island

Some PROS of going to Corfu:

  1. Compared to the other Greek Islands, Corfu remains fairly uncrowded even in the peak of summer


All of the seven people at Agios Gordios beach

2. It is quite easy to get to. A mere $150 and a 45-minute flight from the Athens airport later and you’re there!


Where the green, mountainous coast meets crystal clear waters

3. Corfu has something for everyone. The traveling college student, the family in need of a vacation, the hard worker in need of relaxation will all have no trouble finding activities and accommodation to suit their needs.


For me, one of my needs is to have a delicious Mediterranean salad delivered to me while I lounge on the beach

4. Due to the relatively undiscovered nature of the island it remains very affordable.


The view from our youth hostel on the west side of Corfu

Some CONS:



Eating a communal dinner at our hostel with this view 

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